L. I. F. E. Love. Intelligence. Food. Enthusiasm. *********×*********** A man who lives in peace lives the best life, regardless being poor. What is wealth if one is not happy. Life is love - love is what created all of us. Life is intelligence - this is our greatest weapon in survival. One doesn't only [...]


Endless blessings. 😇 .......... This month has brought so much joy to my life. BREATHE OF FRESH AIR. -I celebrated my birthday not long ago. It was a bliss. Courtesy of my squuad, yes I said it. I sincerely appreciate everyone who did anything to put a smile on my face on 25/2/2016... May blessings [...]

Bridal Blues 18 B.

"Yes",I reply. When Dom asks me If am sure for the tenth time since I proposed. I am not drunk.I just had jollof,I tell him.He is laughing hysterically. I mean who does that.I understand he never thought I would ever be the one to propose. I know its not lady-like.I know I will probably go [...]

Day 7#Blogtember challenge.

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. Welcome back, its another day in this challenge. Today is all about music. Who do you know that does not like music??.. I mean music is a universal language, it touches and unites hearts of people across the globe. Music is the only thing whose beats hits you and leaves no pain. In Africa [...]

Bridal blues 16.

I look at his face that is now so close to me,I am not drunk; I want this and I know he does. I do not know what this is?- but all I know is that: -I want it. I kiss him, starting slow and gradual  increase speed. His lips are cold as he receives [...]

Day 6# Blogtember challenge.

Hi there lovely people, I hereby present my first post on the challenge #blogtember.Today's theme is "What event does one think is a no miss in their lives?'', or so . I feel its a tricky one but here goes. THE NYAMACHOMA FESTIVAL. I have the privileged of being both Tanzanian and from a tribe [...]

Bridal blues 15.

*Knock knock* The door is opened after what seems like a long silence, the maid enters to start  her normal cleanliness inside the hotel room. She  is welcomed with a woman laying helplessly on the vanished floor. Quickly she goes to her, checks her pulse, she is still breathing but shes covered in blood on [...]

Bridal blues 14.

Previously on Bridal blues ... ..."I'm pregnant'', I face Nancy's mother and break the news to her. Nick is now so mad; it turn me on. She is calm,she smiles and asks,'' who is the father?''. * Nicholas' P.O.V Red states my name, with grace and no shame, her words echo around the room as [...]